School of Business, Law, Academic Resources, and Distance Education

The School of Business, Law, Academic Resources, and Distance Education is a newly established educational division that prepares students for the world of business, politics, and hospitality. This School houses the departments of Business Administration (including programs in Business Real Estate and Economics), Business Education Technology, Political Science (including Paralegal, Global Studies, and Public Administration), and Restaurant Management.

Here you will learn about many of the institutions that make cooperation and commerce between companies, regions, and countries possible. The emphasis in Business prepares you for employment within the business world by offering a variety of courses in business such as management, accounting, marketing, and real estate. These classes allow students to comply with lower-division requirements for transfer to university level programs and for updating skills for the already career-oriented student.

The emphasis in Law/Politics prepares students for law-related and political-related careers by leading toward an understanding of the institutions of law and politics, the roles of citizens, political leaders, interest groups, and political parties. Within the Department of Political Science exists both the Paralegal and the Pathways to Law School programs which prepare students for careers in law offices such as paralegal or attorney. 

For students who are interested in gaining a new career or moving up in an existing career, we offer certificates in bookkeeping, management, paralegal studies, restaurant management, catering, and administrative assistant as well as degrees in Business Administration and Political Science. In the near future, we will be offering classes in Entrepreneurship for students who want to begin their own business in any field such as opening a new restaurant, establishing a real estate or law practice, or any other kind of business that requires the skills we offer.

This School also provides support for academic resources such as the Library, Tutoring and Academic Support, and Distance Education.