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Self-Service is your new tool to enroll in courses, check your grades, view planned courses (educational plan), and other student-related information. Follow this link to learn how to register via Self-Service:

Log in to MyVVC and register online for classes on or after your assigned block in Self-Service:

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Lookup Your Registration Dates

All students are assigned a registration date for each semester. Students may register on or after their registration date/block. To determine a registration date/block, log into WebAdvisor from MyVVC and select "My Registration Dates.”   Registration dates may not be available if the student has applied late for a term. Continue to check the VVC website for updates.


Registering for Classes

Active students may add a class during the registration period until the beginning of each semester.  Registering for classes is completed through Self-Service



Waitlisting gives students the opportunity to be first in line to register for classes that are already full. For example, if a person drops from a course, then the individual at the top of the waitlist will have the first opportunity to register and fill that empty seat. Waitlisting is available on most classes. Students will be notified through VVC student email.

If students are NOT registered into the class and are still on the waitlist when the semester starts, students are encouraged to attend the first day of class.  If the instructor has seats available in the class, they will give the student an authorization code.  For online classes, instructors will email the student an authorization code

Watch this video to learn how to enroll after the course has started: 

Adding Classes After the Term Begins

Once classes begin, an Authorization code, obtained from the instructor, is needed to add a class to a schedule. If a schedule is revised in such a way as to change the total number of units taken, the amount of enrollment fees will also change. All fees are due at the time the change is made.

Watch this video to learn how to use an Add Code or Add Authorization: 

New VVC Students

Priority Registration AB2881

If you are a parent of a child under the age of 18 and you provide more than half of their support, please complete this very brief survey so that we can assign you priority registration. If you are eligible for priority registration, we will email you the week before priority registration opens to let you know when you will be able to register.

Student Parent Priority Registration Eligibility Questionnaire Self-Certification: