International Students

Thank you for discovering Victor Valley College and welcome to our world.  We want you to learn with us and have provided the answers to many of the questions you may have about our programs.  You will find on this page links to important services that will make your stay in Southern California more comfortable and links to popular Universities that will make the path to your future more clear.  


How do I apply?

International Student Requirements

All international students must be at least 18 years of age at the time of registration for classes. An international student attending on a non-immigrant student visa (F-l) is required by the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service to maintain full-time student status. This requires a completion of a minimum of 12 units for each semester in attendance.

A certificate of eligibility for non-immigrant (F-l) student status will be issued by the Admissions Office only after the following documents are received and approved:

  1. International Student Application
  2. F1 Visa Student Agreement
  3. Financial Certification
  4. A minimum score of 94 Internet-based on English proficiency tests such as the TOEFL and 7.0 IELTS.
  5. Health Questionnaire
  6. High School Transcripts
  7. College Transcripts (if applicable). Transcripts must include an official English translation by an approved evaluation service
  8. $100 deposit

Tuition set by the California State Legislature must be paid in advance.

Please note that the application process for international students may be lengthy.  Since the Fall semester begins at the end of August, it would be in your best interest to begin the application process in May.  The Spring semester begins at the beginning of February; therefore, you should begin the application process in November.



Norma Riley

Telephone: 760-245-4271, extension 2537

Why choose Victor Valley College?

Victor Valley College is a part of the 112 Community College system in California. Community colleges in California offer the most affordable way to get a college or University degree.  Victor Valley College provides transferable general education courses that lead to a bachelor’s degree.  Two years here followed by two years at a prestigious University will give you the same degree for a lot less money.

Generally, the Victor Valley is also a very affordable place to live in comparison to larger cities in Southern California. Living expenses will be less expensive here than in Los Angeles.

Where is VVC?

Victor Valley College is located midway between Los Angeles, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. San Diego, California is just 2 hours south of us! Daytrips to these destinations are common for local residents.   Our students enjoy beaches, mountains, deserts, and city life close all within an hour of home.   The communities of Victorville, Apple Valley, and Hesperia surrounding our campus are full of important and enjoyable amenities.    Everything you need is here… everything you want is close.

Where will I stay?

Accommodations of all kinds are available within the communities that surround Victor Valley Community College, but we have no on-campus housing.  You will need to make your own arrangement for your stay here while attending our college.  These local service providers may be of assistance to you:

How much will it cost?

(All amounts shown in USD)



A semester of full-time education (12 units) at Victor Valley Community College will cost approximately $3,700 for international student tuition.  Books and supplies for these classes will cost approximately $1200 - $1800 per year.

   One academic year = two semesters.

  • Application Fee: $100 (one time)
  • Nonresident Tuition: $342 per unit
  • Enrollment Fee: $46 per unit
  • Student Center Fee: $10 per year
  • Student Representation Fee - $1 per semester
  • Student Transportation Fee - $6 per semester
  • Parking Permit - $40 (Fall and Spring) $20 (Summer and Winter) plus $3.65 processing fee

*All fees are subject to change

Note: International students are required to enroll in a minimum of 12.0 units per semester to maintain F-1 visa status. Attendance during Summer and Winter sessions is optional.

Living expenses such as housing, meals, and transportation are not included.  Books and School supplies may range from $1200-$1800 per year.

Estimated monthly living expenses are:

  • Housing and food - $1400

Where can I get more information about:

  • Victor Valley College –

Universities that I can transfer to:

Victor Valley Communities


Thank you for discovering Victor Valley College and welcome to our world!