About Us

The MUN team together for team research.


The Model United Nations (MUN) Program at Victor Valley College was established in 2002 with the understanding that in an ever-divergent world, we must promote a better understanding of the world in which we live through research and cooperation, and to evolve the perspective of students and the High Desert Community into an international perspective.

MUN allows students, regardless of their academic major or future pursuits, to pursue the study of international politics, diplomacy, conflict resolution, interpersonal communication, and public speaking.

Past Delegations

  • 2012NMUN-NY Djibouti

    • Delegates: Christopher Shoup, Dakota Higgins, Richard Lara, Michael Huston, Kelli Pribble, Caleb Brown, Ashlei McPherson, Kanikka Wofford, Sabrina Brothers, Mariah Woods, Isabel Hernandez, Rebecca Parra, Monica Attia, Micheal Sweatt, Diego Padilla, Britnee Messer, Mariela Hernandez, Kimberly Moreno, Alex Rudolph. 
  • 2011 NMUN-DC Iraq
    • Delegates: Christopher Shoup, Mariela Hernandez, Esteban Romo, Diego Padilla, Kelli Pribble, Mariah Woods, Kimberly Moreno, Isabel Hernandez.
  • 2011 NMUN-NY Yemen
    • Delegates: Christopher Shoup, Joy Hmura, Alex Rudolph, Richard Lara, Shannon Anderson, Brooke Bishop, Michael Sweatt, Robert Lazak, Kelli Pribble, Monica Attia, Sabrina Brothers, Isabel Hernandez, Mariela Hernandez, Ashlei McPherson.
  • 2010 NMUN-DC Lebanon
    • Delegates: Shandan Lussenden, Brooke Bishop, Michael Sweatt, Monica Attia, Alex Rudolph, Richard Lara, Robert Lazak, Joy Hmura.